Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chapter Six of The Revelation

Revelation 6:1a" Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals...."
It will be a frightening time when Christ begins to administer judgement.In Chapter Six of Revelation when Christ begins to open the sealed book, the unsaved world will think the Millennial peace has begun, but in actuality the Great Tribulation will have begun. The Anti-Christ will promise peace and deceive the world. Many are deceived today as they will be at that time. The unsaved at the Tribulation will deify the one who promises peace just as they do now and as with many "professing" Christians today will do anything for peace and prosperity. Let us examine ourselves to know if Christ really is first in our life so that deception will not prevail over discernment. Christ will remove the Church prior to the Tribulation. When He calls, will we be ready to let go of everything and everyone? This should also be our present state of mind and being.


  1. Amen, Frank, you speak the truth! We should ready beacause he could call us at any time .


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