Monday, July 5, 2010

Book Review

Lies The Government Told You
By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Mr. Napolitano has discovered many interesting observations through research of the US government. Each chapter of his book, “Lies The Government Told You“ describes freedoms that we, the US citizens have lost as a result of government action.
While reading this book and afterward musing its contents, I became angered and disgusted because of the government’s intentional desecration of its people’s rights. The lost freedom described in this book may or may not be reclaimed by the people. Mr. Napolitano emphasizes that he is making us aware so they we may wake up and use the freedom that we still have to make changes necessary to restore our freedom and to protect them from power hungry politicians.
The freedoms that we have lost and those freedoms in danger of losing affect every part of our life. Some freedoms are lost in times of crisis, whether it is of natural or national. Lost freedom is always preceded by government promises that it is best for us.
I won’t go into detail, however, I do recommend this book. You will be surprised at the eye-opening discoveries of our government actions.
Let me make it clear that I think Mr. Napolitano is not against our government as it was intended but angered at individuals and the two party system that has taken advantage of our freedom.

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