Saturday, October 3, 2009

Book Review of Fearless by Max Lucado

"Fearless" by Max Lucado

Fears common to everyone are analyzed by Max Lucado in this book. These fears mutual to people are characterized in separate categories. Each chapter title is a catchy descriptor for fear. The subtitles describe the fears. The author portrays fear in a storied format with each solution in a Christian perspective. Some characterization of fear is personal to the author.
In chapter one the author answers the question of why we are afraid. He uses real life instances of individuals‘ experiences. Bible verses accompany each scenario pointing to Christ as the source for dispelling fear.
Chapter two addresses the fear of a feeling of low self worth. A scenario is given in a mildly humorous poem. The reader is directed to Bible scripture that describes the great worth that Christ places on each of us.
Disappointments in life and fear of disappointing God is addressed in chapter three.
We always remember the bad experiences in life. The author offers scripture explaining God’s grace and continual forgiveness directed to all who seek it.
Worry is the topic of chapter four. We all worry to some degree. Again the author use scripture that summarizes the point that worry cannot improve any situation in life. In fact worry is described as destructive.
Those, who have children, at times have been afraid for our children. This fifth chapter suggests we give our children over to the care of Christ. Scripture is given supporting evidence that Christ is more than capable for care of our children.
The fear of being overwhelmed by life’s challenges are discussed in chapter six. We, at times, have experienced fear of loss or pain. Scripture is offered to the reader explaining that Christ is near to us and that we can depend on him.
Chapter seven deals with paranoia and anxiety. When these fears are experienced to the extreme, the author offers the answer of prayer and trust in God.
In chapter eight, the answer to the fear of experiencing violence in life is to trust in God. The author offers scripture to God’s people that encourages us not to fear for God is with us.
Fear of losing possessions is the focus of chapter nine. No one wants to lose their home or job. The reader is encouraged to trust in the Lord and not things.
The ultimate fear is portrayed in chapter ten as death. A comparison is made between the belief in after and the belief that this life is all there is.
Hope is offered in chapter eleven to the fear of what may come next. We experience fear of the future. The hope is given by God as His Spirit to us.
Chapter twelve gives us doubt. We doubt that God is real. The author indicates a solution to doubt by believing God’s Word which is the Bible.
The fear of the possibility that things may get worse is the topic of chapter thirteen. The reader is encouraged to trust in the Lord and wait on Him. He has won the ultimate victory.
A healthy fear is the fear of the Lord as is the title of chapter fourteen. In fact, the author states, that fear of the Lord is scriptural.
In summary, I would recommend to all the reading of this book. This is first of Max Lucado’s books that I read. I would consider reading another of his writings.


  1. That sounds like a really relevant book for today. Your review was great. I want to read the book.;~)

  2. Great review! I have some of his other books. When I come across them I will set them aside for you to see if you'd like to read them. :o)


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